Energy to enhance strength and beauty


To provide durable energy for your brain, we choose organic black tea which contains theine, l-theanine and antioxidants:

Theine in tea is a result of oxidized polyphenols, which gives it a stimulant effect. 

Theine can last much longer in the system – about 6 to 8 hours for increased brain function and memory.

Theine is known for its sharpening but not over-stimulating effects to your body. It prevents the usual anxious and jittery effects from caffeine. 


To improve your energy metabolism, we choose organic hibiscus, which contains a high amount of anthocyanins: 

Anthocyanins have antioxidant effects to sustain the structural integrity and

functional activity of mitochondria - the energy factory, which is essential to good metabolism. 

Antioxidants also protect the body to fight against free radicals, prevent cancer and many other diseases. 

Hibiscus is used as a natural medicine to improve liver functioning,

provides antibacterial properties, aids weight loss, lower blood pressure,

aids digestion, helps with relaxation, and is an antidepressant.


We choose organic bamboo shoots to strengthen your bones and

brighten your skin, because they are rich in nutrients; silica and other bioactive compounds:

Silica is a special trace element to activate the enzyme prolyl hydroxylase,

which is a necessary enzyme to participate in the production of collagen from 3 amino acids;

glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. This process takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete,

and produces effective collagen whether you eat animal or plant-based protein.

Collagen has been proven to help increase energy, because it's an important protein,

essential for the functioning of the skin, blood vessels, cartilage, muscles,

tendons, bones, and the digestive system and in turn, helps boost metabolism. 

Silica is also a humectant that helps the body’s ability to retain water

from bones and tissues such as skin and cartilage.

Water helps transport nutrients to cells, remove toxins through the blood,

and so provides energy for your muscles and body.

When your body has more nutrients, less toxins, and good

elasticity from moisture, your energy will work more efficiently.


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