Welcome to our AI BY DRINKIZZ sessions!

The AI BY DRINKIZZ series is designed to help you harness the power of AI and No-code solutions to boost productivity and drive business growth. Drinkizz offers a 4-hour course on digitalization using No-code and AI, based on our real experiences since 2019. We use No-code tools like Knack and AI ChatGPT to meet our operational needs. Drinkizz produces an Organic Natural Energy drink that promotes well-being for all, whether at work, home, or during sports.

See the Drinkizz course in No-Code and AI HERE and enjoy our free AI by Drinkizz sessions below!

AI by Drinkizz #7 – Using AI to achieve financial independence in entrepreneurship – Download the deck

AI by Drinkizz #8 – Accelerate Your Business by Discovering Information from Unstructured Data with AI – Download the deck

AI by Drinkizz #5 – The role of AI in building anti-fragile businesses – Download the deck.

AI by Drinkizz #6 – How to Scale Your Business with AI on Data Modeling – Download the deck.

AI by Drinkizz #3 – Knowledge Management with AI – Download the deck.

AI by Drinkizz #4 – Simplify database creation with AI to accelerate business – Download the deck.

AI by Drinkizz #1 – Individual productivity – Download the deck.

AI by Drinkizz #2 – Enterprise productivity –  Download the deck.

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