Drinkizz launches Organic Natural Energy drink and experience the O.N.E station

Dear reporters, 

First of all, we wish you good health!

Established in Singapore in August 2019, and in Vietnam in January 2020, Drinkizz is the world’s first innovative company offering Organic Natural Energy (O.N.E) drink.

Our vision is simple and strong, to be a caring company for Positive  Energy of our customers, our employees and actors in the organic digital value chain, in particular the farmers who work hard for organic agriculture. We act locally and think globally to help this world be more fair and sustainable.

As an innovative company through two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, we understood that our immune systems are very sensitive currently. And all of us are trying hardly to manage our energy and well-being with all the stresses of the day to get through the epidemic season. That’s why we’ve worked hard to launch our first concept store – Organic Natural Energy (O.N.E) Station at 14 nguyen van thu, da kao ward, district 1, ho chi minh city, Vietnam.

Beside providing quality drink, The O.N.E station aims to help the O.N.E community discover and connect to healthy lifestyle factors, such as organic food and drink, exercising and maintaining positive habits. The ONE day O.N.E Drinkizz program is held online and offline from January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022 to help connect and ensure your energy for 24 hours to maintain your positive energy and pursue your passion in a sustainable way.

With the desire to spread Drinkizz’s two core values ​​of positive energy and transparency, we look forward to receiving your attention and support regarding the latest information on the opening event of Drinkizz’s Organic Natural Energy Station!

Many thanks for your Energy!

Warmest regards, Tyna and Drinkizz team!


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