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To acquire energy, we need to nourish our mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the energy factories of the cell, helping to convert nutrients into natural energy ATP.

Your body always needs a comprehensive source of natural energy ATP to breathe, function, and other daily activities.


O.N.E drink with ingredients from organic farming, no toxic chemicals,

cooked from a natural process with no added preservatives to ensure the health of your body, cells, and the mitochondria.

Your mitochondria will always be protected, supported, and maximized to produce sustainable energy even after you stop drinking.


Each can of O.N.E drink boosts immediate energy and helps to build sustainable energy to bring you strength and beauty.

From the artistic signature, the refreshing taste and colors in O.N.E drink brings you a premium experience of delicacy.


Each can of O.N.E drink is applied to data digitization and Blockchain technology

so that consumers can check information from input ingredients,

factories, logistics, distributors, nutrition, etc.. to product recycling in the most transparent way.

Through the QR code on the can, consumers can intelligently decide on the information,

quantity, and time to drink that is suitable for their brain and body.


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