Story – We Natural

Early 2019, Tyna started to research and develop (R&D) O.N.E recipes

with both French and Vietnamese partners.

She is responsible for the development of ingredients, process and energy of the recipe.


One of the most important partnerships to ensure international quality of O.N.E drink

was with the ESA research and innovation team.

International sensory experts ensured that Drinkizz could be a

quality partner of choice in a sustainable international F&B market

that has the potential to make a positive impact environmentally.


To create an innovative taste,

Tyna invited Linh - deputy chief of a renowned Michelin 2 stars restaurant in Paris, to join the R&D team.

With deep knowhow of French gastronomy culinary and an artistic nature,

Linh has successfully created the refreshing taste and colors in O.N.E drink brings you a premium experience of delicacy.


In August 2019, the very first recipe of O.N.E drink (Organic Natural Energy) was born.

O.N.E drink is made by applying French ‘’Natural Cooking Process’’,

with  “10 Magic Organic Ingredients” from the mountains and forest of Vietnam.


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