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Tyna - CEO

Organic Value Chain & Natural Energy Expert


Drinkizz's story began with three co-founders,

Tyna (that's me), Pierre and Linh;

a trio of Vietnamese-French entrepreneurs who have on-the-go lifestyles, passionate about innovation.


In 2015

with a passion for "organic herbs",

Tyna returned to Vietnam after 10 years living in France

and started building ‘‘smart organic farms’’ in the Central Highlands.

She has cooperated with local farmers, especially the Bahnar ethnic minorities,

to abandon the custom of “slash and burn forests agriculture” and instead,

grow organic farming to increase sustainable income.

In Kontum, she discovered the “Mysterious Natural Energy”

based on the use of native biodiversity herbs and forest plants.



coming from the forests and highland mountains areas to develop the recipe for O.N.E drink.

Each ingredient was grown organically suitable to the soil and local climate.

We harvest only in the best season and cool dry the fresh ingredients

to keep their "Essential Flavors and Nutrients" before the cooking process.


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