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“Kiss your Energy” seems simple but it is not easy to practice every day. Especially, when your lifestyle is focused on modern digital tools and our health and wellbeing are impacted by events such as the COVID-19.



Back to the basics of “Drinking”, we all need to refill our energy by having refreshing and pleasurable feelings with 100% positive impact on our health. “Good for Taste and Good for Health” is the baseline of our duty to produce each can of Drinkizz.



People of all ages need energy and nutrients to have a healthy brain and a healthy body!



With “Smart-Up” mindset, we have re-invented a new way to drink whole plant-based; it is not only “Fair for People’s Health” but also “Fair for Society” and for “Our Mother Nature”.

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The vision of Drinkizz is to act locally and think globally,

we love to promote our combined French Vietnamese cultural values to make a better world.

Our team commit to:


We work with local farmers directly to choose each quality organic ingredient

and wild harvest with care for the environment and forest biodiversity.


We comply with trusted label such as EU, USDA, FDA, GMC etc. for consumers health.


We apply innovative technology for transparency data traceability

from ingredients to waste management to help consumers receive the truthful information.


We manage CO2 emission of our production chain

by using composting ingredients and packaging adaptive to the local context.


We contribute part of our profits to the “Fair For Life Fund”

that empower smallholders to stay on their own land in rural area.

The fund is managed by all stakeholders who participate the whole value chain

and controlled by the certification body “Ecocert SA”.



You want to know more about Drinkizz ? Fill in this form & let us know now!


Pierre - Smart-up Investor

Thought Leader in Digitalization


Hello World,

If you do not have true consideration to yourself, all other relationships can become unsustainable!!!

“Kiss your Energy" seems simple but it is not easy to practice every day.

Especially, when your lifestyle is focused on modern digital tools

and our health and wellbeing is impacted by events such as the COVID-19.


To perform well at work and gym,

to live your passion and have more time for family & friends,

you need to refill your energy in the good way.


Understanding this need,

Drinkizz has created an “Innovative Herbal Taste” to bring a “Positive Delight” to your mind.

And, we offer a source of "Organic Nutrients" to bring “Positive Energy" to your body.


This "Double Positive Impact" is found in each can of Drinkizz

which bring you full of energy and brightness every day, with 100% good impacts on your health.


At Drinkizz we love to say, “Kiss your energy” to live our passion in a sustainable way.



Tyna - CEO

Expert in Organic Value Chain


Drinkizz story began with three co-founders Tyna (me), Pierre & Linh

who work in different domain but have a common “on-the-go lifestyle”.



Passionate about "Organic Agriculture",

I came back to Vietnam after 10 years of living in France.

Created organic farms in central highland, I have learnt from local farmers,

especially with the Bahnar ethnic's minority about their "Mystery Traditional Energy"

in replying relying on indigenous knowledge of biodiversity and forest plants.



I had a chance to work with Pierre on the "Smart-Up" solutions to empower entrepreneurs

in the fast-moving digitalized world. One day, Pierre shared with me:

“Tyna, I need an authentic Energy Drink that helps me have more time to

“Increase Creativity and Stop Procrastination” that “Digitalization” entails.

Could we offer this positive energy to help people like us

a pure 100% organic energy sparkling drink with a good taste?

What a great innovative smart-up project!



Drinkizz was born with "11 Magic Ingredients"

coming from the forests and highland mountains areas.

Each ingredient was grown organically suitable to the soil and local climate.

We harvest only in best season and cool dry the fresh ingredients

to keep their "Essential Flavors and Nutrients" before cooking process.


Linh - Recipe Designer

Expert in French Gastronomy


Early 2019

Linh, who is the deputy chief of a famous Michelin 2 stars restaurant in Paris,

joined us to design Drinkizz unique recipe.

With deep knowhow of French gastronomy culinary,

Linh has successfully created an “Innovative Herbal Taste” in using

“Craft Organic Process” without adding any artificial food additives.

From her artistic signature, Drinkizz flavor and visual offer different tasting experience

at each moment depending on your feeling during the day.



In our technology-centric culture, our brain focuses on work everywhere,

and we all need energy and nutrients to have a healthy brain and a healthy body!

Drinkizz formulation has been developed with its functional

to improve people’s brain, skin, bone, joint and immune system.

The R&D of Nutrition and Sensory Quality work is measurable and evaluated

by professional expertise of Chiara and ESA institute.


Chiara - Functional Medicine Practitioner & Vegan Nutritionist

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


In 2012, Chiara came from Italy to live in Vietnam and work in health coach, vegan food and drink sector.

She has deep knowhow on nutrients as well as traditional medicine practices for

both Eastern and Westerner lifestyle.

Her expertise at Drinkizz R&D ensure the nutritional value of each can

is well calculated based on FDA norms.

She explains clearly the unprecedented health benefits of Drinkizz to your body from regular consumption.



Created from 1998, ESA is well-known for their quality evolution method which

considers the whole food value chain on sustainable food system.

The Research and Development department is specialised in physicochemical and evaluation sensory

in sustainable ago-alimentation and environment which is similar to Drinkizz' values.

In 2019, Drinkizz formulation has been developed with ESA innovation team and tested

by international sensory experts to ensure that Drinkizz could be a quality partner of choice in any market.