Story – We Humans


Our team combines French Vietnamese cultural values,

and does not only work with a scientific mindset to innovate but also with our artistic heart to feel.

We work as a social enterprise -  seek to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment.

We commit:


We work with local farmers directly to choose each quality organic ingredient

and wild harvest with care for the environment and forest biodiversity.


We collaborate with high-end and good practices factories to ensure safety

and quality control with trusted labels such as EU, USDA, FDA, GMC etc. for consumers' health.


We apply innovative technology for transparency data traceability

from ingredients to waste management to help consumers

receive the truthful information and connect together.


We manage CO2 emission of our production chain

by using composting ingredients and packaging adaptive to the local context.


We contribute 1% revenue per each can to theFair For Life Fund”

to support small-scale producers, workers, and vulnerable farmers

in rural areas to develop in a sustainable way.

The fund is managed by all stakeholders who participate

in the whole value chain and controlled by the certification body “Ecocert SA”.


Thus, when you choose to drink a can of O.N.E drink, 

you will have a direct impact on the entire organic value chain.


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