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Currently, Vietnamese people’s health is greatly affected by the overconsumption of unsafe food, chemicals in drinks, and environmental pollution, etc. At the same time, the busy pace of life and work makes people lose their energy easily, thereby losing stability in relationships and personal life. 

Especially young adults from 25-35 years old – the main labor force of Vietnam, aren’t yet able to follow the lifestyle like the rest of the world; Health & Wellness.   

Looking back on my own journey of learning to manage mind-body-spirit energy, I came to understand that if you don’t have sustainable energy daily, then you can’t achieve wellness. Only when the energy levels are in harmony, can good health, and a freedom of the mind begins. 

At O.N.E community, we provide you simple solutions based on: 

●  Eat and drink organic – Measure energy and nutrition that’s suitable for you

● Exercise – relax every day

● Practice and share – small positive changes every week

If you are living an on the go lifestyle to pursue your passion and achieve success, but at the same time want to have sustainable energy to bring you strength and beauty from body to mind, please accompany me and the O.N.E community.

“Kiss Your Energy is the simplest way to have a healthy body and mind, to live our passion in a sustainable way!

                                                                                                                                                                                                    – Tyna Huynh 

What are theine and caffeine? The impacts of theine and caffeine for your energy

Many people experience a sense of thrill and an increased heart rate when they use coffee (which contains caffeine) to stay awake while working or studying. As alert as coffee, theine in tea provides a sense of relaxation, comfort, and more health benefits.  Let’s find out more with Drinkizz to learn about these 2 familiar stimulants!

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1. What are theine and caffeine?

  • Theine is the stimulating substance coming from tea. It is the result of oxidized polyphenols, a type of micronutrient, that provides energy, boosts digestion, and brings relaxation to the body. Tea types that contain theine are black, green, white, and oolong.
  • Caffeine is the stimulating substance you find in coffee and cacao products. It is an alkaloid, a type of nutrient, that acts on energy, metabolic, cardiac, and respiratory systems. 

In reality, theine and caffeine are the same molecule, there is no difference under the chemistry point of view. However, theine and caffeine have different energy impacts on the human body, and this is what we will focus on today.

2. The impacts of theine and caffeine for your energy 

When we drink stimulants, they go to the stomach and small intestine then enter to our bloodstream.

The impacts of theine:

  • Theine provides long-lasting energy – about 6 to 8 hours because theine is more complex and the body needs longer time to break it down and completely absorb it.
  • Theine also gives improves concentration and learning ability while giving a sense of relaxation.
  • Theine is linked with health benefits including weight loss, prevention of cardiovascular disease, and enhancing the immune system for long-term use.

A 250 ml cup of tea generally contains about 30 to 50mg of theine (1).

The impacts of caffeine: 

  • Caffeine gives a burst of energy for 2 to 3 hours followed by a crash. This is because caffeine is well absorbed by the body, and the short-term effects are usually experienced between 5 and 30 minutes after having it.
  • Caffeine causes many people to experience jitters, a feeling of anxiety coming from our overstimulated nervous system.
  • Caffeine can lead to addiction if used daily, which means, without it, you might experience withdrawal symptoms like headache and fatigue.

A 250 ml cup of coffee may contain between 80mg to 230mg of caffeine. Popular types of energy drink can contain up to 250mg of caffeine and it’s too much for the human body. (2)

Natural and synthetic sources of caffeine:

  • Natural caffeine is found in tea, coffee, chocolate, and natural drinks. They come from seeds, nuts, or leaves of a number of plants native to South America and East Asia, in detail from tea leaves, coffee beans, cocoa beans… (3). It provides energy, but it also has its own exclusive antioxidant benefits which can help prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s. 
  • Synthetic caffeine is found in chemical soft drinks, energy drinks, and supplements. Synthesised caffeine is absorbed through the digestive system much faster than naturally occurring caffeine, providing a quicker spike and therefore a quicker crash.

Therefore, synthetic chemical sources are often harmful to health if used regularly and long term, you should choose natural sources to improve your health.

Drinkizz nutrition experts recommend that you use tea so that you can provide a better source of energy, and this is why we chose it as the base for Drinkizz.

3. How can Drinkizz’s theine support your energy levels?

Drinkizz is made with very young leaves of organic black tea that are harvested and dried naturally with ambient temperature to retain its deep aroma, dark and malty flavor.

  • Each can of Drinkizz contain 25 mg of theine, perfect for a light and stable source of energy on which you can rely every day. Use the QRcode on each Drinkizz can check the most up-to-date info; you will be sure about how much theine you are getting every day.
  • What makes Drinkizz special is that we cook the organic black tea according to the French natural process. This brings out the positive benefits of organic herbs that are not available in synthetic powders products. 

The best times to consume Drinkizz are midmorning and midafternoon, away from meals. For instance, if you wait too long from breakfast to lunch, you might feel tired, lack of energy, so enjoying Drinkizz will help you get instant energy and maintain durable energy all day.

It is the perfect drink to keep in the office and consume when you feel you need a boost of energy for an important task or meeting, or before you leave work to go to the gym.


(1): https://www.caffeineinformer.com/the-caffeine-database

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(3): https://www.coffeeandhealth.org/topic-overview/sources-of-caffeine/#:~:text=Caffeine%20is%20an%20alkaloid%20occurring,and%20the%20yaupon%20holly1.?

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