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Dear Friends,

Currently, Vietnamese people’s health is greatly affected by the overconsumption of unsafe food, chemicals in drinks, and environmental pollution, etc. At the same time, the busy pace of life and work makes people lose their energy easily, thereby losing stability in relationships and personal life. 

Especially young adults from 25-35 years old – the main labor force of Vietnam, aren’t yet able to follow the lifestyle like the rest of the world; Health & Wellness.   

Looking back on my own journey of learning to manage mind-body-spirit energy, I came to understand that if you don’t have sustainable energy daily, then you can’t achieve wellness. Only when the energy levels are in harmony, can good health, and a freedom of the mind begins. 

At O.N.E community, we provide you simple solutions based on: 

●  Eat and drink organic – Measure energy and nutrition that’s suitable for you

● Exercise – relax every day

● Practice and share – small positive changes every week

If you are living an on the go lifestyle to pursue your passion and achieve success, but at the same time want to have sustainable energy to bring you strength and beauty from body to mind, please accompany me and the O.N.E community.

“Kiss Your Energy is the simplest way to have a healthy body and mind, to live our passion in a sustainable way!

                                                                                                                                                                                                    – Tyna Huynh 


When enjoying black tea and the delicious taste of tea, it is impossible not to mention the stunning effects of this tea. You will be surprised by the many health benefits that black tea brings! A cup of black tea a day will be your healthcare companion. Find out with Drinkizz through the image below! 

Boost immunity

Black tea contains alkylamine antigens that help boost your immune system and improve your immune response. Drinking black tea every day enables you to strengthen your immune system to have good health. Black tea also contains a compound called tannin, which helps fight against viruses that cause disease and thus prevent infectious diseases like flu and viral fever… 

Provides antioxidants

Black tea contains polyphenols, an antioxidant that helps prevent DNA damage caused by tobacco and other harmful chemicals. However, this antioxidant is different from that obtained from fruits and vegetables. Therefore, regular consumption of black tea also contributes to additional better benefits for your health.

Reduce stress

The amino acid L-theanine found in black tea can help you relax and focus better. In addition, black tea has also been shown to reduce stress from stress hormones when consumed in moderate amounts regularly.

To enjoy organic black tea, you can visit the O.N.E station to enjoy Saigon Refresh from only 10,000 to make your spirit more refreshing and youthful!

☎️ Order at O.N.E station now! Up to 50% off sales of other drinks!!!

And what’s even better, herbal energy teas are still being applied with a discount of up to 15% till May 28th, 2022

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✅ Website:https://shop.drinkizz.com/

✅ Hotline: 09 68 31 34 37

✅ Address: 14 Nguyen Van Thu Street, Dakao ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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