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Dear Friends,

Currently, Vietnamese people’s health is greatly affected by the overconsumption of unsafe food, chemicals in drinks, and environmental pollution, etc. At the same time, the busy pace of life and work makes people lose their energy easily, thereby losing stability in relationships and personal life. 

Especially young adults from 25-35 years old – the main labor force of Vietnam, aren’t yet able to follow the lifestyle like the rest of the world; Health & Wellness.   

Looking back on my own journey of learning to manage mind-body-spirit energy, I came to understand that if you don’t have sustainable energy daily, then you can’t achieve wellness. Only when the energy levels are in harmony, can good health, and a freedom of the mind begins. 

At O.N.E community, we provide you simple solutions based on: 

●  Eat and drink organic – Measure energy and nutrition that’s suitable for you

● Exercise – relax every day

● Practice and share – small positive changes every week

If you are living an on the go lifestyle to pursue your passion and achieve success, but at the same time want to have sustainable energy to bring you strength and beauty from body to mind, please accompany me and the O.N.E community.

“Kiss Your Energy is the simplest way to have a healthy body and mind, to live our passion in a sustainable way!

                                                                                                                                                                                                    – Tyna Huynh 

Cocktail | Rhum Mixed With O.N.E Drink | MOJIKIZZ

Hi Guys,

Do you want a great moment with a healthy Mojito ? Let’s Mojikizz ?

Mojikizz is created based on a traditional Cuban cocktail from common ingredients in Vietnam such as fresh lime, mint leaves, cane sugar, and rhum. These elements along with Drinkizz instead of any carbonated water accentuate the taste and color without losing the unique and familiar favor of this world famous cocktail.

Enjoy your weekend moments with family & friends !

Ingredients: 1 person
1. Organic Hibiscus flowers: 3
2. White rum (55 °): 40 ml
3. Organic Sugar: 15 g
4. Organic Mint: 5-7 branches
5. Organic Lime: 0.5 piece
6. Drinkizz: 250 ml
7. Ice cubes: 10
8. Hibiscus powder

Using a 400 ml glass, add the following:
1. Separate the petals of 3 fresh hibiscus flowers
2. Slice the lime
3. Cut off 5-7 mint stems
4. Add slices of ½ lime
5. Add 15g of sugar
6. Meddle the mixture
7. Pour 40ml of rum 55¤ and add ice
8. Top up with Drinkizz.
9.Stir well and sprinkle with hibiscus powder to decorate the Mojikizz to become more attractive before serve.

Why should you mix our O.N.E drinks with alcohol? Let’s find out: 

     1. Taste: 

ONE drink is naturally cooked from 10 essential herbs from the mountains and forests of Vietnam, so it has a special sour, spicy, salty, sweet, and fragrant taste. So can mix many types of cocktails, mocktails with attractive flavors.

     2. Color:

O.N.E drink has a natural red color from anthocyanin compounds from hibiscus flowers, so when mixed with alcohol, it will produce a glass of water with many layers, naturally beautiful. Good for health again.

    3. Anti-cirrhosis, kidney failure, and no headache when drunk:

  • ONE drink provides natural nutrients such as glucose, minerals, and oxidizing compounds that can be measured by scanning QRcode. Helps you to improve nutritional disorders when drinking alcohol because alcohol depletes nutrition by inhibiting nutrient breakdown, poor absorption of nutrients, and changes in the transport or excretion of nutrients.

  • Each 250ml can of O.N.E contains 2200 μmol of antioxidants, equivalent to 25% of the US FDA’s recommended daily intake. So it will help improve cirrhosis of the liver and kidney failure caused by alcohol. Because when you drink alcohol, alcohol breaks down in the liver and kidneys, increasing free radicals in the liver and kidneys, causing aging, and cancer.

  • ONE drink is cooked with 10 herbs including mint, ginger, lemongrass, lemon, pepper, and star anise .. are medicinal herbs that Vietnamese people specialize in to recover after being drunk and without headaches.

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