Sweet taste and mild spicy organic ginger jam makes Tet more delicious and warm!

Sweet taste and mild spicy organic ginger jam makes Tet more delicious and warm!

On Tet holiday, no matter how many new and unique confit are available, ginger confit is always a must-have! Friends who come to each other’s houses to celebrate the new year will drink tea together and eat ginger confit to make the conversation more interesting! 😍

The organic ginger confit of Drinkizz’s “Boost your energy 2022” gift box is selected from organic fresh ginger root and natural cooking process, without the addition of synthetic chemical preservatives. Each slice of ginger confit is light yellow, the outside is dried and crispy, with a mild spicy taste. When eaten, ginger jam is fragrant, warm, and provides rich antioxidants, helping to improve your immune system! 😍

Tea lovers, especially the elderly or people who do not like sweets, or people with diabetes, will love the sweet and mild spicy taste of ginger confit. Brew a pot of Snow Shan green tea mixed with mint, or a cup of Snow Shan black tea mixed with hibiscus flowers and mint, take a sip of tea and eat a piece of ginger confit, you will feel the passionate, harmonious and complete flavor for the first days of the new year!

The organic ginger confit is one of 6-pieces in the Tet gift box, selected by Drinkizz for the “Boost your energy 2022” full of flavors from the South to the North of Vietnam. From Snow Shan tea box (Ban Lien – Tay Bac), ginger confit, ethnic smoked pork with rich flavor of Kon Tum to modern flavor of O.N.E drink, it will be easy to connect your new year’s story with your family and friend!


Tết gift box “BOOST YOUR ENERGY 2022” including:

✅ 1 Box of Organic Natural Energy drink (Box of 6 cans)

✅ 1 pack of ethnic Smoked Pork with salt-and-wild-pepper

✅ 2 tubes of organic energy tea with two traditional flavors

✅ 1 pack of organic ginger confit

✅ 1 pack of organic herbal steam bath.

✅ Order here: https://shop.drinkizz.com/product/boost-your-energy-2022/

✅ Hotline: 09 83 82 44 77

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