Routinely, you eat at least two-three meals a day. However, have you ever looked at “cooking as an art”? 

Let’s turn back the wheel of history with me, since human found a way to create fire to serve the needs of survival, it was the beginning of a limitless creativity in human cuisine. compared with other species that coexist in nature. If we compare several art forms, we will see that food is a unique art form in many ways. For example, painting attracts sight with color, music attracts hearing with sound, sports attracts touch with movement, a delicious food or drink can be attractive and appealing. five senses at once. And, the person who creates delicious food like a conductor in a symphony orchestra, can combine textures, flavors, colors… to satisfy art-lovers. So, do modern ready-to-eat food always satisfy you? Let’s analyze.

1. What is the cooking process?

Cooking is the process of producing safe food with the preparation and combination of ingredients using the effect of heat.

Humans can eat a variety of foods without the use of heat, but cooking helps people to preserve food for longer, create more rich flavors and colors, and can remove toxins from the external environment to ensure better health.

Cooking does not only come from calculating ingredients, but also understanding the ingredients, temperature, mixing techniques, or decoration… so you can’t always have delicious dishes if you just follow your feelings but need to. precise and creative process to ensure the dish turns out attractive and healthy.

2. Why natural cooking process is a subject of science and art?

There are methods of cooking: 

  • Smoked
  • Grilled
  • Fried
  • Stir-fried
  • Dipped
  • Stewed
  • Boiled… 

Thus, the raw materials will be chemically modified in these methods. For example, boiling a lemon will release the aroma in the water, but will also make the water more bitter, or heating sugar at high temperature will produce caramel, but heating longer will cause it to burn.

So you need to be equipped with the knowledge to know how to fix things if necessary, and you will think about how you handle it to achieve the most attractive dish.

This is not just theoretical, as good cook can perceive the chemical reactions in the cooking process even though they cannot fully understand it as a chemist or physicist. And they apply their openness and their own life experiences to make a difference to the consumer’s senses. In addition, this is a patient process to ensure that the dish is fully cooked, fragrant, chewy, beautiful color… That is the scientific process applied with the artistic spirit of rejection-free  and curiosity to create the best results.

3. How is the natural cooking process different from the unnatural one?

Unlike cooking at home in a small kitchen, the manufacturing processes in the factory are vastly different. The natural, preservative-free cooking process is usually prepared under complex hygienic conditions and treated with methods such as pasteurization, shallow filling or ozonation so that microorganisms are destroyed without needing to be treated. Add other preservatives harmful to human health.

In addition, the natural cooking process requires the use of high techniques, which is a combination of science, technology and art. As an example of the beverage production process, it is crucial to understand the chemical and physical properties of water, sugar, and balance the ingredients, understand the science of microorganisms, living organisms, understand the art of sensory techniques, quality assurance, critical control risk analysis, compliance with international standards, food laws, and so on.

As you can see, to ensure the relaxation and satisfaction of consumers, the natural cooking process needs a methodical investment and an open mind.

4. Why does Drinkizz choose the natural cooking process?

At the beginning of 2019, when I founded Drinkizz with Linh – Sous Chef specializing in creating new dishes at a famous 2-Michelin-star restaurant in Paris – we created Drinkizz’s unique O.N.E drink recipe.

With a passion for innovation in flavor and nutrition, with a deep understanding of organic ingredients and exquisite French cuisine, we are equally committed to applying only “Natural Cooking Process” and not adding any artificial chemical additives.

The natural cooking process of Drinkizz with 5 NOs: No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Additives, No Artificial Preservatives, and No GMOs provide a unique cooking encounter. Each taste is tailored to your specific sensitivities for the day.

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