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Currently, Vietnamese people’s health is greatly affected by the overconsumption of unsafe food, chemicals in drinks, and environmental pollution, etc. At the same time, the busy pace of life and work makes people lose their energy easily, thereby losing stability in relationships and personal life. 

Especially young adults from 25-35 years old – the main labor force of Vietnam, aren’t yet able to follow the lifestyle like the rest of the world; Health & Wellness.   

Looking back on my own journey of learning to manage mind-body-spirit energy, I came to understand that if you don’t have sustainable energy daily, then you can’t achieve wellness. Only when the energy levels are in harmony, can good health, and a freedom of the mind begins. 

At O.N.E community, we provide you simple solutions based on: 

● Eat and drink organic – Measure energy and nutrition that’s suitable for you

● Exercise – relax every day

● Practice and share – small positive changes every week

If you are living an on the go lifestyle to pursue your passion and achieve success, but at the same time want to have sustainable energy to bring you strength and beauty from body to mind, please accompany me and the O.N.E community.

“Kiss Your Energy is the simplest way to have a healthy body and mind, to live our passion in a sustainable way!

                                                                                                                                                                                                    – Tyna Huynh 

RELAXATION EXERCISE 04 – Wrist relaxation exercises help reduce psychological stress!

Wrist relaxation exercises help reduce psychological stress!

We often massage our face, back and nape… but we rarely pay attention to our wrists. Wrists and fingers are also tired and also degenerate like other parts, they are also vulnerable to fatigue, pain, stiffness, and arthritis of the hands.

At the beginning of the week, Drinkizz wants to give you an exercise to help relax your wrists. This is an important relaxation exercise, especially for office workers who often use computers.

What condition does the use of the computer cause?

Repeated typing on the keyboard and moving the mouse causes the right wrist joint to work a lot. These manipulations are performed with high frequency and for a long time, leading to numbness, swelling, pain, and cramping in wrist muscles or joints. (1)

The typical symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome is pain and numbness in the palm or forearm due to compression of the median nerve. If the condition is mild, it will feel like a pins and needles in the hand; More severe, feel very painful in the hand, sometimes burning and aching both forearm and arm, weak and numb hand. (2)

As mentioned by Drinkizz before, prolonged pain causes the body to produce the stress hormone cortisol. When cortisol is high, antioxidant enzymes become less active, making it impossible for the body to balance free radicals in the body. This leads to lack of energy, fatigue, aging and disease.

Effective wrist relaxation exercises:

✅ Soften the wrist muscle group, better blood circulation, reduce the pressure on the carpal tunnel nerve

When the wrist is relaxed, the pain in the wrist will be reduced, you will feel more comfortable and comfortable. This contributes to helping the antioxidant enzymes in the blood work better, thereby contributing to the prevention of fatigue, lack of energy, aging and disease. (3)

Let’s practice wrist relaxation exercises with Drinkizz!

First, you interlock your hands.

Rotate your wrist slightly clockwise, or circle 8.

Do this for 3 minutes and then change directions.

Remember to breathe deeply and do this exercise gently!


(1) https://www.healthline.com/health/chronic-pain/wrist-and-hand-stretches

(2) https://www.muirortho.com/orthopedic-blog/2013/december/preventing-wrist-injuries-from-computer-work/

(3) https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21280542/


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