A little bit spicy, a little bit hot, pungent, and sometimes bitter. 

It can only be ginger.

Due to busy work, you often spend time in the office every day, trying to develop your career, making it extremely difficult to balance between family and work! However, taking care of you and your family’s health is extremely important because health is the foundation of a happy life.

Sometimes, a family’s wellness routine can start with nutritious meals every day! Ginger is a very familiar food in every Vietnamese kitchen that can help you and your family stay healthy and fight off disease-causing bacteria from the environment! So what are the benefits of ginger? Let’s find out with Drinkizz!

I. What is Ginger?

Ginger is a flowering plant native to Southeast Asia that is closely related to turmeric, cardamom, and galangal. This is a pale yellow plant that is rich in healthy organic compounds known as zingiberene, bisabolene, and gingerols.

Especially Gingerols, it gives ginger:

  • Smell and taste: strong woody sweetness activates spice receptors on the tongue
  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects: they fight many diseases that cause inflammation, and oxidative stress, and help fight unhealthy aging.
  • Increased circulation: more oxygen will be sent to all body parts by increasing body temperature.

II. What are Ginger’s benefits?

Ginger has so many amazing health benefits. Consuming ginger will help:

  • Reduce degenerative disorders such as arthritis and rheumatism by blocking COX-2, an enzyme that causes inflammation and pain.
  • Reduce digestive disorders such as indigestion and constipation by stimulating hydrochloric acid in the stomach, an acid that helps your body break down, digest, and absorb nutrients.
  • Strengthens the immune system: read on to discover how ginger boosts our resistance.

III. How can ginger help you boost immunity?

Ginger has strong antibacterial and antibiotic properties that can help you and your family:

  • Prevents infection from happening, because it helps the body’s immune system to prevent it from happening due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties, chronic inflammation can weaken our immune system, and will not happen strongly.
  • Prevent infection from worsening, such as a respiratory infection, sinus infection, or simply the common cold and flu. This happens because compounds in ginger act as antioxidants and help the body flush out toxins.


These are the reasons why ginger is considered one of the most amazing natural remedies for common ailments and an ingredient to consume daily for strong immunity for you and your family.

IV. How does our O.N.E drink support your immune system?

 O.N.E drink contains organic ginger, and many other organic ingredients rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds; hibiscus, lemongrass, mint, lime, and black pepper.

  • Each 250ml can of O.N.E drink contains 2000 μmol of antioxidants from ginger, black tea, hibiscus flowers, and other organic ingredients.
  • Drink  ginger cooked in the O.N.E each day significantly reduces the body’s inflammatory response and thus reduces the risk of all diseases caused by chronic inflammation, including the low immune system.

V. O.N.E drink, ginger, and energy!

When your inner body is working properly, your mood, health, and daily energy levels will improve!

Because ginger is a very good material for everyone’s digestive system and immune systems. When mixed with other organic ingredients such as hibiscus flower, black tea, lemon, or silver summer, the body, and internal organs are active and energized. At the same time, the energy factory (mitochondria) will work better because the metabolism is “accelerated”, giving us more ATP energy.

Therefore, remember to try O.N.E drink every day to make you and your family healthy every day!

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