Do you notice? Lemongrass brings with it a very characteristic, rich scent and flavor. Every time we go to a spa or eat something with lemongrass, we immediately recognize it right? 


I. What is lemongrass?


Lemongrass is a plant, which has a unique color, aroma and taste. This plant has been used as a natural remedy for centuries.


Lemongrass has a lemon-like smell with a hint of mint, and the tangy citrus smell and aroma comes from limonene, piperitone, and citronellal.

Its color is pale yellow and green and is derived from citral.


II. What are the great benefits of lemongrass?


You can get the benefits of lemongrass from:

  • Infusion – when boiled alone or with other herbs and the liquid is then consumed.
  • Food – many dishes such as curries and stir-fries use fresh lemongrass flavor to balance out the flavors.
  • Essential oil extracts, when used on the body or as an all-around perfume.

Lemongrass amazing healing properties are:


  • Antioxidant – fights free radicals by donating an electron to them making them stable. According to a study by a Korean tea that compared the antioxidant activity of more than a dozen different herbal teas, lemongrass tea was among the top five.
  • Anti-inflammatory, by blocking the action of enzymes that produce inflammatory chemicals called prostaglandins.
  • Anti-bacterial, by attacking the bacterial cell wall and making it impossible for the bacteria to cause harm to the body.
  • Fights obesity, by regulating blood sugar and fat, making it work more efficiently.
  • Anti-nociceptive, citronellal blocks the detection of a painful stimulus.
  • An anxiolytic, limonene helps reduce anxiety.
  • Hypotensive, which means it helps lower blood pressure due to its potassium content which stimulates blood circulation and lowers blood pressure.


As you can see, all of them support your health. It’s particularly effective at cleansing the body when you haven’t been eating well. 


III. How does lemongrass support your energy?


Lemongrass is said to be the scent of energizing cleansing, which means it is a powerful ‘regenerator’ of energy.

In this way it will be helpful in releasing energy from:

  • Body when you feel stuck, heavy or low
  • Going home, encouraged to let go of what is no longer needed and just take the space
  • Office space, it will invigorate your senses and open the mind of you and your co-workers to feeling alert and positive.

This fragrance is commonly used in spa and massage places for this specific purpose but you can recreate the same effect by drinking it along with a natural beverage like O.N.E water.


IV. O.N.E Drink for Energy and Digestion!


O.N.E drink contains organic lemongrass, which is the bridge connecting sourness and brightness of mint flavor.

Limonene compounds can help you fight stress, inflammation, and oxidation. We recommend that you smell the aroma of O.N.E drink before enjoying it to fully appreciate the entire experience of the product.


Citronella compounds can help you fight bacteria, fungi, body odor and support your stomach health.


Consume O.N.E drink daily for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that improve your health and energy. Enjoy the cool and refreshing herbal taste of O.N.E drink. Besides being an amazing source of nutrients, it will for sure energize you instantly



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